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Xero to 100, Business made Easy

Why You Should use Xero

Calcutt Matthews loves Xero
.  Why you ask?  Firstly, it has changed the industry for accountants and been a true pioneer in the fin-tech field.  Secondly, it has changed the daily grind for business owners and sole traders everywhere, leaving competing software at the starting line.








Why is Xero the top accounting software recommendation to all our clients?

  • Automated Bank Feeds. What is this you ask?  As long as you bank with one of the banks who already work with Xero (as of today’s date, these include NatWest, HSBC, Metro Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, RBS International, Santander Corporate and Commercial and Silicon Valley Bank), you can apply to have all your bank transactions automatically downloaded, the day after they happen, into the Xero software.  What benefits? No inputting of data from the bank statement.
  • Easy bank reconciliation. Bank reconciliation has never been so easy.  Xero automatically matches transactions together based on amount, date and reference, which are then reconciled in one click and you can also set the software to recognise repeating bank transactions easily.  If you like your bank reconciliation done every day you are looking at 5 minutes each day for an average amount of transactions or less if you get really good at it.
  • Cloud Based accounting software. Being cloud based makes Xero very easy to access – you are no longer restricted to one computer and can access Xero on your mobile, tablet or desktop – wherever you have access to the internet.
  • No more software updates. This is such a relief to no longer have to do yearly updates to accounting software – a much loathed task in our office!  Xero takes care of all the updates.  You can benefit from this as a Xero Customer as Xero can apply brilliant ideas constantly to the software without having to wait a year to release an update.  In one year Xero made over 500 improvements to its software – without any hassle to users.  It’s an accountants dream.
  • Accountants wish list. When a client telephones our office with a query on a transaction entered on Xero there is nothing better for an accountant to see for themselves what the problem is.  Another benefit with using Xero is that accountants are given the ability to log in and see the exactly the same screen that the client is looking at and, if necessary, correct the problem in the same phone call too with a live update to the clients data.
  • How much I hear you ask? The fees are dreamy too! There are various modules to use depending on the size of your business.  You are looking at:

-Starter (for a 1 person business) – £4.50 per month

-Standard (for slightly larger than 1 person) – £10.00 per month

-Premium (for SME ) – £12.50 per month.

If you are a new or existing business and would like a demonstration or training about further Xero benefits then please call Calcutt Matthews on 01233 623300 (or email: to book an appointment.  Calcutt Matthews are registered Xero certified advisors.

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